Fuller Center for Housing Armenia invites companies to join in its  mission of eliminating poverty housing. The company will manifest its commitment to the development of the community where it is working thus enhancing its public image and serving as an example to other companies doing business in Armenia.

Corporate Builds

We invite the management of a corporate donor to form a group of volunteers from the employees of the company and volunteer on the building site of Fuller Center Armenia to help the families build their house. We consider this an opportunity for our donors to meet and communicate with the family for whom they are contributing the funds. This also helps the families understand the values of Fuller Center for Housing Armenia and be more responsible towards the help they have been provided with. Apart from enjoying a terrific team-building opportunity, your employees will gain a deeper understanding of  the company’s commitment to working with and for the community where it operates.


Depending on the type of donation and the scale of involvement Fuller Center Armenia will publicize the corporate donors through its newsletters, and local media. Campaigns and ways of publicity are not limited. We are open to all ideas and suggestions.

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