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Dear Friends,

For many of us home is a safe haven where we can find peace and harmony, feel loved and protected. However, for thousands of families in Armenia decent home is but a dream, and they have to raise their children in metal shipping containers, dark, dump basements, deprecate shelters or overcrowded apartments.

Housing poverty is not merely an indicator of low life-standards. It has a huge impact on the psycho-moral atmosphere of the family, on health, birth-rate, migration and other significant factors.

The multi-fold increase in the prices of housing and construction market makes it almost impossible for low-income families to build or purchase a house on their own. Housing loans offered by banks are at high interest rate, and are not accessible to the needy population.

The solution offered by Fuller Center for Housing Armenia found a great response in the communities. The demand for long-term non-profit, interest-free housing loans that we are offering is very high. For thousands of families it is the only possible way to have a home.

The dream of a decent house can become possible only with the assistance of organizations, churches, businesses and devoted individuals in Armenia and all over the world.

The staff of Fuller Center Armenia is united in a commitment to eradicate housing poverty in Armenia. Coming from different backgrounds and representing different professions – construction, engineering, business administration, economics, public policy, finance, accounting, history, psychology and education, all the team members share the values that this organization stands for – honest, selfless service to low-income families giving them an opportunity to build their house in dignity.

We thank you all for your good will and wholehearted support. May God bless you all.

In faith,

Fuller Center for Housing Armenia team

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