What We Build


Fuller Center for Housing Armenia assists in building and renovating simple, decent and affordable homes advocating the right to a decent shelter as a matter of conscience and action.

We believe that homeownership makes a real difference in the families’ lives with the positive impact for generations. By building homes for families in need we are building a foundation for a better society, thus we are building communities and a homeland.

The construction programs of FCHA include but are not limited to the following:

  • Completion of half-built house
  • Purchase of an affordable apartment
  • Renovation which may include roof reconstruction, heating and sanitation system installation, interior renovation etc.

Completion of half-built houses

Many families had begun to build their own homes after the collapse of Soviet Union. But with the ensuing economic crisis, homes were left unfinished — thousands of these foundations and half-built houses can be seen littering the countryside. Many families live in dark and damp basements of such houses, unable to complete them. FCHA recognizes this as an opportunity to leverage resources already invested in housing solutions. Therefore, the program can help two or three families rather than one, since completing a half-built is more economical than beginning construction anew.


The economic difficulties of the past two decades have left their mark on the existing housing stock. More than a decade of insufficient maintenance and repair as well as in the housing infrastructure has resulted in a deteriorating housing stock and inadequate provision with housing utility services. Recognizing this problem and aiming at the preservation of existing housing stock, FCHA also provides opportunities to the families to renovate their homes, install heating, sanitation systems, and running water.

Sanitation Systems: In rural areas, where FCHA works predominantly, only 14.2% of houses are equipped with basic amenities (kitchen, toilet with draining system, bathroom).  FCHA helps families install a sanitation system in their homes promoting proper personal hygiene and healthy living conditions.

Broken and leaking asbestos roofs: Because of heavy rains and lack of maintenance, the roofs of many Armenian houses are severely deteriorated and rainwater leaks in. Besides, most roofs are made of asbestos, which is a hazard for the health of the residents. FCHA replaces broken asbestos roofs with corrugated tin roofs on a timber framework.

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