Each year, at Fuller Center for Housing Armenia, we receive thousands of calls and letters of request to assist families in housing need (In Armenia over 64,000 families need improvement of housing conditions; 26,199 families are homeless. Most of them live in metal containers (domiks), basements, or other temporary, unsafe and unhealthy shelters. (Source: Report on Social Reforms in Armenia). And each year we are confronted with the difficulty of selecting the most deserving ones out of the pool of the requests.


Act now, help Suren’s family!

Imagine a 14-year-old boy who was born and raised in a metal container … who is talking about having a bathroom and running water at home as an unachievable dream… who is deprived of basic housing conditions which affect the health of the entire family, a 14-year-old person who dreams of a decent home not for himself but for his mom who is ill with throat cancer.

Just a week before, our team visited the Khachatryan family in Saralanj village of Kotayk region and was shocked with the story of the 14-year-old Suren, who was telling that he has never lived like a human being… ”I know only what it is to live in a metal container, everything else is just a dream,” he said and left without adding anything.

The Khachtryan family of four, Armen with his wife Anna and two sons, Albert and Suren, have lived in a metal container for 19 years, before that the family lived with Armen’s parents and brothers with their own families, 22 people in a house.

Later his dad, Armen, told us that Suren might not talk at all for days, he was very much depressed with the health of his mom and that they could not provide her with necessary housing conditions…

Last year the family started the construction of their dream home but could not go on due to health and financial difficulties.

We want to give Suren and his family hope for a better future by helping them build their dream home! $11,200 is need for the house construction of this family.

Any gift can make a real difference! (Please, add ”Help Suren’s family!” in the line for notes)

Join us with your gift, make them smile and hope that life has still prepared something good for them!



Hirair and Anna Hovnanian Foundation Awarded $100,000 Grant  for our 10th Anniversary campaign! 

11 families, instead of 10 have moved to their long-awaited decent home! THANK  YOU Hirair and Anna Hovnanian Foundation!!!

Change Lives, Change Future!

Life is not a smooth path… Over the years, there are ups and downs, successes and obstacles. Perhaps that is exactly what makes people work harder trying to gain will, become determined to work and succeed…

There are people who achieved success on the way of life and don’t need anything, but there are people who still fight for living and creating. Unfortunately, in Armenia there are still many families for whom having a house became a dream, and living with dignity is a big desire… Helping those families is a noble endeavor.

Below are stories of 10 families… Families who need our support and our aim is to give them the gift of living in a healthy environment and a big hope for the future.

This year, Fuller Center for Housing Armenia (FCHA) celebrates the 10th anniversary, and to make the milestone memorable we launch a campaign to assist 10 families in housing need. A donation of $10,500 will sponsor a single, completed home. When a donation is less than a single home sponsorship, FCHA will combine the received contributions with other gifts and assign a beneficiary family when $10,500 has been collected. Any gift can make a real difference.

Please support these families and join in the campaign to make the dream of these families into reality!  Click on the picture below for the family stories.

The Campaign to help little Rouzanna’s family  was successful!  In 2017 they will live in their decent home!  We express our deepest gratitude to all supporters!

untitled-1Little Rouzanna’s Family Needs Our Help!

Recently, we recieved a call from Yeghiazaryan family from Geghashen village of Kotayk region. The lady who called, Aghunik, was hardly speaking and kept repeating that they were hard working, that they just wanted a deserving way of help, that they would repay after their house construction was finished… as if she was ashamed of calling us, she was ashamed of asking for help…

The family of five, the father, the mother and their three children were living in an 18-square-meter metal container (domik). In October, it was sooo cold in that metal container… do not even want to imagine how it is in winter.

That metal container, where many of us can’t even imagine how it is possible to live, was so neat, so clean…without a kitchen, a bathroom, without running water, separate bedrooms and other facilities… The 3-year-old Rouzanna was carefully following the conversation, and when our team wanted to leave their house she jumped-off her place, hugged her mom, who was crying while telling us their story, smiled and said ”don’t go…” as if she thought that the reason of her mom’s crying was that we were leaving…

We want to go back to their home and give back the hope that they have lost… We want little Rouzanna never see her mom crying… 

Please join us, we need to raise $10,500 to help this family. Each dollar counts. If you can’t join us with your monetary contribution, please think over, may be there is a person you can refer to. 

Whether you donate $5, $10, $50, $100, $500 or more, it will make a significant positive impact in the life of this family.


The CaIMG_8927mpaign to help Sargis and his family was successful! They already live in their beautiful house. We express our deepest gratitude to all supporters!

A Campaign is Launched to help Sargis’s Dream Come True! $10,500 is needed to build a home for Sargis and his family!

Sargis’s only dream is to build  home for his family. He is 25. He is a smart and kind person. He lives in the village of  Dian, Aragatsotn region and has five sisters; three of them are married. Sargis, his mother and two sisters live in a two room house, without  basic housing conditions – no kitchen, no bathroom, wooden floors and wooden ceiling… His father passed away in the spring of 2015 from liver cancer. Now the only breadwinner of the family of four is Sargis. The family has cows and the only income of the family is the money from the sale of the milk, that they can sell.

When talking to Sargis he kept repeating that he just needs a hand up, that he is11011830_696936890452499_8514312849236639506_o (1) working hard to keep his family, that his mother has gone through lots of difficulties. ”She deserves a better life, she has gone through lots of difficulties,” he kept telling us.

Mrs. Anahit, Sargis’s mother could hardly speak… ”I got married in 1982. We lived in this house with my parents-in- law.  The life was difficult, but we could find happiness in simple things, in our children. We love our children; they filled our home with happinness and joy. But everything changed when in 2002 the doctors found that my single son is ill. They found a dangerous formation on his left cheek. He has been operated several times; doctors lost hope that they can save his life. We couldn’t even imagine that it will be possible to save him. Fortunately after six months Sargis began to recover. But some time later his face deformed.  It even makes difficult for him to see.

1Doctors said that it was an infection and they can do nothing. Thanks to God now my son has no pains, though the face is deformed. But he has a weak state of health.  He needs normal conditions, not these damp and wet walls… A few years
ago my husband started the construction of our new house, but the illness didn’t allow him finish it. Now my son, Sargis, works hard to do something for us, to build the home of our dream, depite his weak state of health.”


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