Partnership Highlights

We are pleased to introduce some highlights from our partnerships:

Partnership with USAID (USAID funded Advanced Rural Development Initiative (ARDI) Program):ARDI (Advanced Rural Development Initiative) Program is funded by USAID and implemented by Fuller Center for Housing Armenia and Heifer Project Armenia. During 2017 ARDI program has implemented 17 projects assisting entrepreneurs in dairy, fruit and rural tourism sectors. Interventions have been developed for the establishment of milk collection units, milk processing plants, herbal tea production, farmer service centers, animal watering points, upgrading existing Bed & Breakfasts and dry fruit production plant. Besides the above mentioned infrastructure projects 36 small grant projects have been provided for women and young entrepreneurs in different sub sectors of Agriculture.
Since its inception from 2017 ARDI program implemented 70 infrastructural projects and provided 100 Seed Grants to start up businesses led by youth and women.

Partnership with VivaCell-MTS: The partnership with VivaCell-MTS, Armenia’s leading mobile operator, goes back to the inception of our organization.  Altogether from 2007 to 2017, 150 families in need of decent housing were assisted through this partnership. In 2017, 13  families were assisted, for which the leading mobile operator  invested over AMD 30 million (altogether more than AMD 368 million was invested).

Partnership with International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC): The partnership with ICRC is aimed to assist families of missing and the victims of mine/ ERW (explosive remnants of war) to rehabilitate their homes. Altogether, from 2010 to 2017, 135 families were assisted. 20  families were assisted in 2017.

Partnership with Armenian Relief and Development Association (ARDA) and Vanadzor Municipality: A partnership aimed to assist the families who live in dilapidated temporary shelters (domiks).These houses are designed by Lazarian World Homes. The Lazarian polystyrene (or Styrofoam) block is the basis for these homes. With these blocks, the housing structures become simple and inexpensive to build. The buildings are energy efficient and the blocks keep out moisture, resist pests, and contain fire retardant materials all within each block. The homes also have an estimated life of 40-50 years. Altogether, from 2008 to 2016, 67 families were assisted trough this partnership. 

Other Strong Partnerships: Partnering with Armenian Apostolic Church, Heifer Project International Armenia, USA Embassy in Armenia, KPMG Armenia, Armenia Marriott Hotel Yerevan, AGBU, AVC, Birthright Armenia, PwC Armenia, IREX (International Research & Exchange Board), FLEX (Future Leaders Exchange), Armenia Tree Project, local municipalities, Yerevan State University, Daughters of Vartan, Knights of Vartan, Peace Corps in Armenia, Armenian National Lyceum after Anania Shirakatsy, UWC Dillijan College, Christian Youth Mission to Armania (CYMA), also new partnerships with American University of Armenia (AUA), Armenian Assembly of America, Teach for Armenia and Microsoft Armenia.

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