August 29, 2018

AGBU Montreal Helping Build Homes with FCHA

When people come together with good will they spread happiness all around 🙂

The enthusiastic team of 13 members from AGBU Montreal joined Fuller Center for Housing Armenia for two weeks helping build homes for two deserving families — the Gabrielyans from Zovaber village and the Aghekyans from Arayi village of Aragatsotn region. These was a tremendous help for the two families to sooner construct their long cherished homes.

Two weeks of hard work and fun and people united with the conviction and dedication to making a real difference in the lives of families in housing need!

Each working day was very productive, and each day the families felt that the dream of having a decent home is getting a shape of reality.

These families are two of the 10 families of 10 villages in Armenia being assisted through the generous $100,000 grant awarded to Fuller Center for Housing Armenia by the Hirair and Anna Hovnanian Foundation

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