July 28, 2018

CYMA WD Helping Build a Home with FCHA

On July 24-25, the Christian Youth Mission to Armenia (CYMA), girls from Mer Hooys, led by Der Avedis Abovian, joined Fuller Center for Housing Armenia team to help the Midoyan family of four from Tatul village,Aragatsotn region to sooner finish the construction of their house.
During the two-day collaboration, the groups did fantastic work passing buckets full of the gravel into the roof to insulate the roof.

Almost each year the young pilgrimages come to Armenia and serve to unify and strengthen the Armenian community by establishing a bridge between the diaspora and the Homeland.

With the CYMA and FCHA groups working side by side, the Midoyan’s dream of owning a home is today much closer to reality. 

The Midoyan family of four lives in Tatul village of Aragatsotn region. They have been living in a temporary shelter for three years. Before moving there they lived in Haykaz’s paternal house with Haykaz parents and a brother–eight people in a-three-room house. A few years ago, Haykaz started to construct a house for his family but it remained unfinished. Haykaz and Naira are engaged in trade. They are also busy with cattle breeding, but the income is not much to finish the house construction. In 2018, the Midoyans became FCHA beneficiary and by the end of the year they will move to live in a warm and cozy house with all necessary housing conditions.

Beth Broussalian, Founder & Executive Director at HDIF-USA, as well as the loyal friend of Fuller Armenia also joined the team, working hard with the team; she also presented the team members nice gifts.


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