June 25, 2018

American University of Armenia (AUA) Volunteers Build a Home with Fuller Center for Housing Armenia

On June 22, 2018 members from American University of Armenia (AUA) Volunteers’ League student organization joined Fuller Center for Housing Armenia team in the village of Haytagh, Armavir region to help Hambardzumyan family in need of decent housing to build their home. It is already the second year AUA students express their willingness to join FCHA mission and help a family in need to build a house.

The Hambardzumyan family lives in Haytagh village of Armavir region, in a three-room house with 11 people (Rubik with his family, Rubik’s brother with his family, Rubik’s parents and grandmother). It is difficult to live in a small house with such a large family. Two years ago, Rubik started building his own house, but it stayed unfinished due to financial difficulties. Now with the help of the Fuller Center for Housing Armenia (FCHA) team and volunteers the family will finish the house construction soon.

It was wonderful to see such motivated young people joining FCHA’s mission. All volunteers did a great job helping the Hambardzumyans to have a decent home. The family with the volunteers helped to make the family’s dream of having a decent a reality. This was a constructive partnership between the FCHA, the family and the volunteers.

“The feeling that we had our own little contribution to this people’s lives is priceless. The family’s thankfulness, kind words and smiles are what stay with us after all.” — Meri Torosyan
“Exactly one year ago, we had this experience with FCHA for the first time and we were so excited and delighted that we wanted it to be continuous. This year AUA Volunteers’ League assisted in the construction process on June 23, making it a traditional joint build day. We believe that even a small contribution matters and what we do is a part of a big mission. And we are glad that this becomes a long-lasting cooperation between AUA Volunteers’ League and the Fuller Center for Housing Armenia.” — Anna Tantushyan.

The mission of the Fuller Center for Housing Armenia is to help people in need to build their homes and improve their life quality, and this becomes possible only thanks to the support of those who share their time and willingness of helping families.

“I work so hard to care my family needs and build my own house in the meantime, but the daily expenses of the extended family does not allow build a house…  Now owing to the generous support we will finish the construction soon, and my family will live in a house with all necessary conditions. Many thanks also to all the volunteer for the huge support,” shared Rubik.

The day was double memorable as the Topoozian family of six from Frezno, California, US, joined the team. It was the family’s first trip to Armenia and it was a great experience for them to spend their day helping a family!

The Hambardzumyan family is one of the 10 families of 10 villages in Armenia being assisted through the generous $100,000 grant awarded to Fuller Center for Housing Armenia by the Hirair and Anna Hovnanian Foundation.

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