May 29, 2018

Best Western Congress Hotel Yerevan Helping Build a Home with Fuller Center for Housing Armenia towards its 10th Anniversary

On May 28, Best Western Congress Hotel Yerevan team joined Fuller Center for Housing Armenia for 10th Anniversary Milestone Build to help one more Armenian family in need of decent housing to sooner finish the construction of their dream home. Best Western Congress Hotel Yerevan is also the exclusive sponsor of the 10th Anniversary event of the Fuller Center for Housing Armenia which is to be held on June 15, 2018.

The team of ten volunteer team members from Best Western Congress Hotel Yerevan worked in Qaghsi village of Kotayk region helping the Khachatryan family to build their dream home. The team dedicated their time and efforts helping the family morally and physically with the highest sense of corporate social responsibility.

The Khachatryans are a family of eleven. Rustam and his wife, Hripsik, together with their three children, live with Rustam’s parents and his brother’s family, eleven people in a four-room house. It is already nine years, Rustam has started building a house for his family, but could raise only the walls and do the ceiling.

”Hospitality is simply an opportunity to show love and care,” Best Western Congress Team said.

Rustam still can’t imagine that very soon his family will have a decent home and his children will be raised in a house with all necessary housing conditions.

”For many years I was trying to finish the house construction putting stone on the stone but financial problems didn’t allow to finish the construction sooner. I am so thankful to FCHA and the volunteers who came and worked tirelessly with us. Their support is invaluable. My entire family is very grateful for such a generous support,” shared Rustam.

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