May 21, 2018

The U.S. Embassy and the Fuller Center for Housing Armenia Build a Home

Volunteers from the U.S. Embassy Helping Hands organization and the Fuller Center for Housing Armenia team again united their forces to build a home for a family in need. This year the teams worked in Zovaber village of Gegharkunik region helping the Gabrielyan family.

Having volunteerism as an ideological basis and being ready to help those in need, the US Embassy has always combined forces with the Fuller Center for Housing Armenia becoming the helping hand with the help of which the families have completed their home construction sooner.

The Galstyans have been waiting for this day very long. For many years the family had temporarily lived in other people’s houses moving from one place to another, and then moved to live in a temporary shelter (domik).  Each day, the family put stone on the stone but could only build the walls of the house and cover the ceiling.

“Though our entire family works diligently, we hardly earn a living. The completion of the house construction has become an unachievable dream. My sons are already adult but they even don’t think of getting married as we don’t have enough place for living. This is a magic that happened to us. First, FCHA’s support, and now these people help bringing us closer to the long-awaited happy day. Soon my family will live in a decent home. God’s blessing to you all,’’ said the family father.

The Gabrielyan family is one of the 10 families of 10 villages in Armenia being assisted through the generous $100,000 grant awarded to Fuller Center for Housing Armenia by the Hirair and Anna Hovnanian Foundation.

It is already 10 years, the Fuller Center for Housing Armenia gives  hope, joy and happiness of having a home to those in need–people who live in domiks, basements, half-built buildings deprived of basic housing conditions.

Fuller Center for Housing Armenia, a ten-year-old organization, has been cooperating with the U.S. Embassy for nine years. The same mission of helping Armenian families to build homes brings them together. Since the inception of the organization, over 630 families have been supported.

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