May 5, 2018

With United Forces towards the Fuller Center for Housing Armenia 10th Anniversary. Volunteer Group from UWC Dilijan Building a Home with Fuller Center for Housing Armenia

This May a multinational volunteer group from UWC Dilijan again joined the Fuller Center for Housing Armenia bringing dedication and readiness to give a helping hand to a needy family. Since the college opening in 2014 the students participate in the Fuller Center volunteer programme twice a year.

This spring students from Albania, Armenia, Georgia, Germany, Lebanon, Portugal, Serbia and South Africa were hosted in Jrvezh community of Kotayk region, in the house of Chobanyan family who lived in a basement for many years. The construction work done by the volunteers during these three days was a huge support for the family.

Abraham, the father of the family, couldn’t find words to describe his happiness and gratitude.

“For many years I have dreamed of having a home, but I could have never imagined that I would have so many helping hands. For my family this is a miracle, and for me it is still an unreal seeming dream,” said Abraham.

The Fuller Center for Housing Armenia helps to build homes with the mission of keeping Armenian families in their homeland and giving them a dignified life, and the cooperation with UWC Dilijan College is an integral part of that mission.

“Community service is part of UWC Dilijan experiential learning programme, through which the students develop skills necessary for impactful humanitarian work. Participation in the Fuller Center for Housing Armenia is a very important project for our international students’ body. It helps students to get deeper involved into the Armenian community and to give back to the country which becomes their second home,” said UWC Dilijan Biology Teacher Mikayel Minasyants, who was supervising the UWC Dilijan students’ group.

“The students, who have come to Armenia from different parts of the world to study, prove that humanism, love and respect are universal by giving a helping hand to the Armenian families in housing need. The difference between other nations, languages and religions makes the construction process even more enjoyable. The will is one to help those who are in need today. This is the idiological basis that unites the volunteers from UWC Dilijan College and Fuller team to have their contribution in helping Armenian families to prosper,’’ said the Fuller Center for Housing Armenia President Ashot Yeghiazaryan.

The Chobanyan family is one of the 10 families of 10 villages in Armenia being assisted through the generous $100,000 grant awarded to Fuller Center for Housing Armenia by the Hirair and Anna Hovnanian Foundation.

This year, the Fuller Center for Housing Armenia marks the decade of serving Armenian families, providing them with simple, comfortable and affordable homes. During these years more than 630 families have been supported and enjoyed the joy of having a home.





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