October 16, 2017

UWC Dilijan College Students Helping Build a Home for a Family in Need with Fuller Center for Housing Armenia

This year it is already the second time that UWC Dilijan college students join their forces and work shoulder to shoulder helping families in need of decent housing to build their half-built homes. This is a strong and successive partnership of three years with a mission to help more and more families to finish the construction of their long-awaited homes sooner and live in safe and healthy homes. For UWC Dilijan students this is a part of their experiential learning, where they have the opportunity to learn more about the community and be a part of it.

During all these years of partnership, the volunteers from UWC Dilijan not only helped families turning their dreams of having a decent home into a reality, but also created a conductive environment for them where they can feel safe, where they can create a better future for their families.

This time the zealous volunteers worked in Katnaghbyur village of Aragatsotn region helping the Baghdasaryans to build their dream home. They did plastering works, which was a big support to the family.

“After three days of hard work, the joy, happiness, gratitude and smiles given by the family, warm your heart and that is what makes this experience an outstanding one. Even with no experience in constructions work, our students were able to provide help finishing the house as soon as possible. As soon as you think about winter’s cold which is upcoming, you do not want to do anything else than do as much as you can for this hardworking family,” says Ben, a second-year student from the Netherlands.

The Baghdasaryans started building their house 20 years ago, but could not afford to finish the construction due to lack of financial means. For two decades, the family had to live first in the

family father’s, Haykaram’s parents house, and then in a rented half-damaged house without any housing conditions. During years, Haykaram worked hard to finish their half-built house, but till now they could hardly build the walls of the house.

“My happiness is endless. It is so long we have not heard any good news. All our life, my entire family, my wife, my sons and I have worked hard to finish the construction of our half-built house, but it was hopeless. We could care only everyday needs. Today it’s a happy day for us…” said Haykaram, thefamily father.

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