July 28, 2017

600th Home Building Milestone with Christian Youth Mission to Armenia (CYMA)

Picture this: While you and your family are living luxuriously back home with accessible water and other various resources, families in Armenia are struggling to have a roof over their heads. This program began in 2008 when Fuller Center for Housing Armenia (FCHA) started the rewarding program and paved the way for the construction of hundreds of houses for the families who lived in metal containers, basements, half-built houses or other temporary shelters. Now, FCHA is already celebrating the construction of the 600th home, bringing happiness to approximately 3000 people.

The 600th home construction was celebrated with FCHA long time partner, the Christian Youth Mission to Armenia (CYMA).

On July 27-28, the Christian Youth Mission to Armenia group joined Fuller Center for Housing Armenia to help the Minasyan family from Dvin village of Ararat region, to help build their dream home. The family had been currently situated at the home of the father’s parents house, with 16 members living in a small home together.

“I wish I could finish this house construction soon. I dream to move from my paternal house. My youngest brother cannot get married because there is no place for one more family in the house we live in now. We are 16 members in one small house. It is a blessing to have a large family but it is difficult to care the family needs and in the meantime build a house. And this support that we get from volunteers who came from the other side of the ocean is invaluable. God bless you all! ” says Arsen, the father of the family.

It has already become a tradition to join forces with CYMA serving to unify and strengthen the Armenian community by establishing a bridge between Diaspora’s Youth and Our Homeland through participation in the social, religious, professional and cultural life of Armenia. The volunteer members led by Der Krikor Zakaryan, had performed an impactful job, working to make a difference in the lives of the Minasyan family.

CYMA participant Gayane Parsegova from San Diego CA, stated, “It was a true joy to have the opportunity to help this beautiful family. Each member of the family was so considerate and genuine, constantly giving us water and food in between our work. There is no other way I would rather be spending my time in Armenia than helping a family’s dream of having a stable home for their children become a reality.”

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