July 18, 2017

Armenian Assembly of America Helps Build a Home with Fuller Center for Housing Armenia

On July 16, Arpi Vartanian, Regional Director of the Armenian Assembly of America  and interns of the Assembly’s Summer Internship Program in Armenia joined Fuller Center for Housing – Armenia with the mission of helping build a decent home for a family in need.

The volunteers came with a humanitarian mission and did fantastic work helping the Babayans from Geghard village of Kotayk region have the blessings that many of us have – a decent home in which to live.

This was a great way of team building. Helping others build their dream home and making a real difference once again proves that we should recognize that there is another side of life where people need our help, and that we don’t need super powers to help them – just a willingness to share our time.

The Babayan family of four had been living in the family mother’s, Aregnaz’s parents’ house in Geghard village. The family purchased land and tried to construct their own house but their low income has never been enough to complete the construction of the half-built house. Sevak is a hardworking man, but during many years he could hardly raise the walls of their dream house.

“Coming to Geghard Village, meeting the Babayans, and working with them and Fuller Center forv Housing – Armenia was an opportunity I promise none of us will forget. Knowing that we contributed to the building of this lovely family’s home, ensuring a warm home in the winter and a cool home in the summer, is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Hard work and teamwork truly create miracles. I’ve known Fuller Center for Housing – Armenia for many years and am always impressed with the incredible work they do throughout the Republic Armenia and the Republic of Artsakh,”  said Arpi Vartanian.

“It could take half of our lifetime to build, to finish the construction of our own house if not your support. I can’t even imagine that after so many years of waiting, we will have our own house. We are so grateful for the tremendous help,’’  said Sevak, the family father.


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