July 18, 2017

DEDICATION THAT KNOWS NO LIMIT, NO END. Jacqueline Melkonian Elchemmas leading the 9th Global Builders volunteer team from St. John Armenian Church of Greater Detroit Community

Jacqueline Melkonian Elchemmas, 9th year of leading volunteer teams to Armenia with 117 volunteer joined her team throughout these years — a real dedication that knows no limit, no end…

It has become a good tradition for St. John Armenian Church of Greater Detroit community volunteers to join Fuller Center for Housing Armenia mission of diminishing poverty housing in Armenia by helping more and more Armenian families in need to enjoy the happiness of living in a decent home. This is also a great way to create strong bonds between people from the Diaspora and the Homeland.

This year the volunteer team of 15 members, led by Jacqueline Melkonian Elchemmas helped the Sargsyans from Horbategh village of Vayots Dzor region. Since 1991, the family had been living in a temporary wooden hut of 12sq. m., for some period. Then they moved to live in a metal container. The same year, they started the construction of their own house, but it went too slowly due to lack of financial means. Years passed by… their elder son is 24 years old, he is already married and waiting for his own baby, but the house construction was not complete yet.

“Probably it would take us still many years to complete the construction of our house, and we still can’t believe that we will have a home with deserving conditions by the end of the year… God bless everyone who gave us hope for a better future!” said Aleksandr, the family father.

The Sargsyan family house is being built through the generous support of Mekjian family in memory of Helen and Jack Mekjian of blessed memory from St. John Armenian Church of Greater Detroit.

This year St. John Armenian Church of Greater Detroit community sponsors the 21st house.




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