June 28, 2017

NEW PARTNERSHIP WITH MICROSOFT ARMENIA. Helping Build Homes for Families in Need of Decent Housing

The Fuller Center for Housing Armenia started a new and a productive partnership with Microsoft Armenia by helping an Armenian family in need of decent housing to complete the construction of their home by volunteering their labor for a full day of various construction activities.

On June 19, the enthusiastic team of seven Microsoft Armenia employees worked in Geghashen village of the Kotayk region helping the Yeghiazaryan family to build their dream home. The team did an incredible job, which was a huge support to the family who were at a loss as to how to express their happiness and how grateful they were to the team who selflessly volunteered their time and efforts.

The Yeghiazaryan family of five had been living in a small metal container for many years with no bathroom, no kitchen, no separate bedrooms… Tatul, the head of the household is the only breadwinner, whose work is seasonal and the small income has never been enough to complete the construction of the half-built house, which they had begun building a long time ago.

“We are delighted to be able to help the Yeghiazaryan family build the home they have longed for so many years. We have had an incredibly rewarding day of hard work, fun and bonding under the scorching Kotayk sun and it has been a privilege to get to know this extremely deserving family and be a part of a Fuller build. We’re all looking forward to coming back in a few months and seeing their new home!” said a volunteer member from Microsoft Armenia team.

“My husband and I work hard to care for the needs of the family but it has been very difficult to raise children and build a house at the same time. For many years, we have tried to finish the construction of the house but have been unable to afford it. Having a home has become a dream for us. Now we can’t even imagine that by the end of the year we will live in a safe and comfortable home. It has been so incredible to see teams of volunteers, strangers who don’t even know us, give up their time and work side by side with us to help build a home for our family. God bless everyone!” shared Aghunik, the family mother.

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