June 1, 2017

A Multinational Volunteer Group from UWC Dilijan College Helping Build a Home for a Family in Need with Fuller Center for Housing Armenia

It has already become a tradition for UWC Dilijan college students to join Fuller Center for Housing Armenia and construct homes for families in need of decent housing.  It is already the third successive year  the college students join and work shoulder to shoulder to help families live a deserving life.   During the period of May 22-24 the young volunteers from Spain, Germany, Great Britain, Serbia, Georgia, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Sudan, Palestine, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Mexico, India, United States of America did tremendous work helping the family to sooner finish the construction of the house.  They did the concreting of floors of the house which was a big support for the family.

During all these years of partnership the volunteers from UWC Dilijan helped generate positive change for the families in need of decent housing and also get sth. back  from the act of volunteering,  something very valuable.

This year UWC Dilijan college students worked in Kasakh village of Kotayk region helping the Gevorgyan family.  The Gevorgyans have lived in a rented house for 13 years. They have four children; two sons and two daughters. In 2013, the family bought a land and started the construction of the house but couldn’t finish it.  Arman is the only breadwinner of the family and his salary is hardly enough to care the needs of the growing family.

UWC Teachers and project supervisors Erin Beard and Vivek Gandhi believe that this was a meaningful experience.  “The time that we spent helping the Gevorgyans and Fuller Center was one that we’ll remember as a highlight of our time in Armenia.  We enjoyed working together and getting to know the Gevorgyans.  None of the students wanted to leave!” said Erin.  Vivek thought that  “We became part of the extended family of Gevorgyans, and our team became much closer as well.”

“Despite that our life was full of difficulties, we love each other. We are strong together. One of our children passed away in four-month age. My elder son’s, Erik’s hand was injured when he was a new born child and his right hand doesn’t function properly, he feels pain all the time. We live in a one-room rented house and hope that very soon we’ll have our dream home. We are so happy to know that we are selected for assistance and by the end of the year my children will live in a safe and decent home.’’ said Arman, the father of the family.

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