October 12, 2016

The Long Cherished Dream of a Decent Home Now a Reality! Knights and Daughters of Vartan visited the Taroyans

img_7385This year the Fuller Center for Housing Armenia was honored to host honorable members from longtime and loyal partners, the Knights and Daughters of Vartan from the U.S..

 Avak Sbarabed, Mr. Steven Kradjian and Avak Dirouhie, Mrs. Sona Manuelian and members from Knights and Daughters of Vartan paid visit to families supported through the generous support of Knights of Vartan and participated in the home blessing ceremony of Taroyan Family from Geghashen village of Gegharkunik region.

Last year, in fall, Avak Sbarabed of Knights of Vartan, Mr. Steven Kradjian with several other members of Knights of Vartan visited the Taroyans, in their half-built house in Geghashen village of Kotayk region. That time only the walls were built and roofing done…

The Taroyans; a family of 6 – Gevorg, his wife, Nuemzar and their 4 children, three daughters and a son; (two of them are tweens hardly two months old then), lived with Gevorg’s mother and brother’s family, altogether 10 people in a-three-room house. The space was getting smaller and smaller with the increasing number of the family, so the family started building a house for Gevorg and his family 6 years ago but the family income was never enough to finish the construction of the house.

A year has passed from that visit and the house has been transformed by that time, but it is not enough to say only the house was transformed, their lives were totally changed… one could see an indescribable happy smile and excitement on family members’ faces and this once again proves that we are building more than houses.

Now the Taroyans live in a decent house with a nice kitchen; a bathroom, bedrooms for children and for adults blessing those who made their long cherished dream possible.

‘’I can’t put into words the happiness and gratitude I feel. It’s like you gave a new life to my family, to my children. I’m so happy to host you here. May God bless you all!” said the young father of four, Gevorg.

By the generous support of Knights and Daughters of Vartan many Armenian families were supported through decent housing; many families, who had been living in metal containers, basements, half-built houses or other temporary shelters, enjoyed the happiness of a decent home…

The construction of the half-built house of the Taroyan family has been fully sponsored by Knights of Vartan. The home blessing ceremony made the day more memorable.




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