September 24, 2016

AGBU Discover Armenia Volunteers Helping Build a Home

1dx_0771Since the inception of the Fuller Center for Housing Armenia (FCHA) in 2008, AGBU Discover Armenia joins FCHA to build a home for Armenian families in housing need. It is already the ninth year many young volunteers come to Armenia to meet the land of their ancestors and to have their contribution in the development of their Homeland.

This year the group of twenty one enthusiastic volunteers worked in Varser village of Gegharqunik region helping Stepanyan family to build their dream home.

Three days of hard work and the result was more than obvious; the volunteers contributed to enhancing a conductive environment for a family in need of decent housing that will enable them to better cope with their daily life and the state of uncertainty they were living in.
Even the drudgery work of concreting was exciting, because it’s the base on which lives will be nurtured for years to come.

The Stepanyans are a family of four. They have lived in an 18 square meter metal container (domik) for 17 years, without a kitchen and a bathroom. The two small rooms served as a bedroom, a hall and a kitchen in the same time.

“It is already the 17th year we have been living in this domik. My daughter got married from domik and my elder son, Mushegh went to the army from that domik too. My family is very hard working but the family expenses always were so high that we could only care the everyday needs. I’m so grateful,’’ said Ani, the mother of the family.


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