May 30, 2016

2016 Housing Project Implemented by VivaCell-MTS and Fuller Center for Housing Armenia Launched. 41 Families to be Assisted

13221752_10153935304405865_789266837011957147_nIt has become a nice tradition to work with the major housing donor of Fuller Center for Housing Armenia, VivaCell-MTS, the leading telecommunications operator in Armenia.

It’s already the fifth year VivaCell-MTS makes a secure social investment in the protection and development of Armenian communities becoming part of the mission of eliminating poverty housing in Armenia through a striking example of corporate social responsibility.

The 2016 housing project implemented jointly by Fuller Center for Housing Armenia and VivaCell-MTS launched in Margara village of Armavir Region with the construction of Gevorgyan family house. It is noteworthy that the house is the 100th milestone house being built by the financial investment of VivaCell-MTS.

The Gevorgyan family of 7 has lived in a two-room soil house without basic housing conditions with the danger of the house to collapse each moment.

”I have grown up in a soil house and have dreamed of a decent home all my life. Years ago, my father started the construction of our house. After he passed away, I tried to continue the construction but could not complete it. Now I have my own family; I’m a father of four and I do want my children to grow up in a healthy environment. My family income covers only the daily expenses. Many thanks to both organizations for making the dream of my family a reality,” said the father of the family, Hovhannes.

In the frames of the housing project the partnering organizations have clear vision to assist families by improving their housing conditions and by giving them the opportunity to raise their children in decent housing conditions.

“Today is a special day: the housing program in success cooperation continues. It is both a pleasure and a matter of concern. If viewed from an optimistic perspective this program solves a major problem for the 100th family. However, we most concerned with the fact that there are still families who are deprived of homes. And they need to be supported. We have to continue the work we have started years ago. That is the only way to solve the pertaining problems. The support is more than important for those who live here; here our task is not just the support to the villagers, but to disarm our enemy by our will and commitment. We are strong together,” said VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian.

” In the frames of the program, the housing problem of more than hundred families has been solved. Though the target group of the project are families living in borderland villages, we are trying to support other families living in poor housing conditions as well,” said Fuller Center for Housing President Ashot Yeghiazaryan.

This year VivaCell-MTS invested around AMD 105 mln.  for the housing project (in 2015 it was AMD 100mln.). This is a beginning of a new life for 41 families. Since 2007, in the frames of the housing project, 93 families benefitted from the financial support of VivaCell-MTS. This year the number will be replenished by another 41 families assisted with the total numberl reaching to 134.

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